How to bake steak of a salmon for New year

How to bake steak of a salmon for New year

As on the New Year's table there shouldn't be a chicken meat, it is worth paying attention to snack and hot dishes from fish. A salmon - noble and very tasty fish therefore he perfectly will be suitable for your New Year's treat.

It is the best of all to bake steak of a salmon in an oven, so it will keep unique aroma and a delicate flavor, and, at the same time, won't be fat.

Ingredients necessary for this dish:

- 4 steaks of a salmon

- 8-10 lemon segments

- dried herbs: a saffron, a basil (mix of herbs from Provence will also approach)

- salt

Preparation of a salmon:

1. Portion steaks of a salmon need to be washed cool water and to blot excess moisture with a towel (paper or usual)

2. From each party to rub pieces with a small amount of salt.

3. To put each steak of a salmon on a square from a foil.

4. Then fish needs to be strewed with the prepared herbs and spices.

5. From above each steak to put on couple of segments of a fresh lemon.

6. Inwrap steaks in envelopes from a foil and put them on a baking tray.

7. The oven has to be warmed up to 190-200 degrees.

8. Place steaks of a salmon in a foil in a hot oven for 25 minutes.

Lay out ready steaks on separate plates. It is possible to prepare for them a garnish from rice or vegetables, but steaks are good and as an independent dish. The simple recipe of steaks - the fine choice for New year, this dish is cooked quickly, but taste at it just magnificent. Besides, the noble salmon doesn't need abundance of spices and seasonings, they can spoil its taste only.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team