How to bake thin openwork pancakes

How to bake thin openwork pancakes

Pancakes - the traditional Russian dish loved by many people. But not all hostesses can brag of ability to bake thin lacy pancakes. That pancakes turned out thin, with holes, it is necessary to use certain cunnings at their preparation.

It is required to you

  • Flour, potato starch, salt, sugar, vegetable oil, eggs, milk, water.


1. Perhaps, the most important cunning of openwork pancakes - that's right! the made dough. To make thin pancakes, it is very important to use the correct recipe. For example, this recipe will approach: 1. Take wheat flour 4 tablespoons with the hill, potato starch too 4 tablespoons, but without hill. Mix flour with starch, add a pinch of salt and the 2, 5 tablespoon of sugar. 2. To add 4 eggs to this dry-mix, to mix accurately. 3. To pour in a half of liter of warm milk in dough in the portions, mixing the mixer. 4. Dough has to turn out without lumps. Add some vegetable oil 2 tablespoons. 5. Allow to infuse that starch inflated. In half an hour it is possible to begin to bake.

2. You shouldn't add to sugar dough more, than it is recommended in the recipe - pancakes will burn. If there is a wish for sweet pancakes, it is possible to sugar them after preparation or to make pancakes with a sweet stuffing.

3. If you want pancakes to turn out with holes, add 2-3 tablespoons of water to ready dough.

4. It is the best of all to use a special frying pan for pancakes. If such isn't present, then the pig-iron frying pan too well will approach.

5. The frying pan has to be very strongly warmed. It is important to pour out the first pancake on very heated frying pan, then other pancakes will well be removed. Before the first pancake the frying pan needs to be greased with fat or oil.

6. Pour dough on a frying pan as it is possible a thin layer. If pancake too thin, doesn't turn over, there is one secret. That pancake didn't tear when turning, incline a frying pan almost vertically. So you will be able to turn without effort even very thin pancake.

7. At observance of these secrets at you tasty and beautiful pancakes surely will turn out.

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