How to build in big degree

How to build in big degree

The most ordinary construction of number in degree quite often causes difficulties in programs and calculators if the value of degree is rather high. There are several receptions necessary to force the calculator to count the correct result.

It is required to you

  • computer
  • program calculator


1. Open the program calculator on your computer. Enter number A which needs to be built in big degree of N. Try to make exponentiation. In most cases the program calculator will successfully cope with a task and will give result on the screen. However, the direct method not always works. Programs calculators are often written not in the best way and can not cope with a number of tasks simple in appearance. Construction in big degree belongs to such tasks. For example, for value N = 10000000000 Windows calculator refuse to consider result, and the Ubuntu calculator just freezes up.

2. Spread out N exponent to several multipliers, each of which does not exceed on value 100000. The majority of calculators will successfully cope with such indicator. If one of multipliers is fractional number, nothing terrible. For example, an exponent 333333333 it is possible to factorize 100000 and 3333.33333.

3. According to a formula A^(N1*N2) = (A^N1) ^N2 consistently build the basis And in the degrees equal to the multipliers received on the previous step. For example, at first build number A in degree 100000, and then build the turned-out result in degree 3333.33333. After these calculations you receive result necessary for you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team