How to calculate to the exhibitor

How to calculate to the exhibitor

The exhibitor is a mathematical function which value is calculated on a formula "e" in degree "x". The value of number "е" is approximately equal to 2.7. If values of number "x" - integers, then the exhibitor can calculate also on the sheet of paper. But if the indicator of function ("x") accepts fractional or very great values, then the computer or the engineering calculator is necessary. And, even on the computer it is not so simple to calculate to the exhibitor.

It is required to you

  • calculator or computer


1. Calculation exhibitors on the ordinary (accounting) calculator is very difficult. Therefore to calculate to the exhibitor, take the "engineering" calculator (that on which there are badges of mathematical functions). Enter number which exhibitor needs to count. Then, just press the button designated as "е" with the small letter "X" located above and more to the right of an e symbol. On the display of the calculator the required result immediately will appear.

2. If the value of function turns out very great (the exponential function very quickly increases), then all figures of result will not go in on the calculator indicator. The cheapest models of calculators in that case just give the error message (looks as letter "E" or "error" inscription). The high-quality calculator in that case will present result in the form of type: to a hkhkheuu. To receive a result of calculations in more habitual look, attribute to number hkhkh an uua of zero on the right if to an uu – positive number. If to an uu – negative, then shift a decimal point on an uua of signs to the left, having attributed the necessary number of zero at the left.

3. To calculate to the exhibitor on the computer, start the Windows OS standard calculator (press consistently the buttons "Start-up", "Execute" and gather "calc"). If the calculator was started in the "usual" mode, then transfer it to an engineering look, having selected a menu item "Look" and having specified in the list of the options "Engineering".

4. Then enter on the keyboard (virtual or computer) number which exhibitor needs to calculate. Then establish a tick in the Inv window and press the button which is used for calculation of value of a natural logarithm of "ln". At calculation following exhibitors do not forget to expose repeatedly a tick in Inv window.

5. Pay attention that there is no special button for calculation of value exhibitors in the standard "computer" calculator. The button, externally suitable for these purposes, with an inscription ekhr is used in the Windows calculator absolutely for other designated purpose. Be attentive.

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