How to check a spelling pattern in a word

How to check a spelling pattern in a word

To check a spelling pattern in a word, it is necessary to know rules, to be able to put them into practice. Rules of writing of letters differ, and depend on what part of a word is checked.

It is required to you

  • - knowledge of rules of spelling;
  • - spelling dictionary.


1. For a start sort a word on structure - allocate its termination, then a basis, a root, find a prefix and a suffix.

2. Remember several rules, for example, alternation of consonants. Review examples: the girlfriend / amicable / friends (//h), air / air (x / x), I tell/will tell, I object/will object (z / g). Vowels in a root, for example, the letter "about" disappears in the words of a dream/dream, the sonny/sonny, curd cake/curd cake, and the letter "e" - in words day/day, a stub/stub.

3. Concordants in prefixes are combined with concordants in a root, can change to check z / with it is necessary to define a ringing or deaf letter it is worth – awaking/waking in a word root, tasty/tasteless, to write/paint. Vowels about / and in krone of a word can alternate, for example, logs/beds – to offer/offer, raises/grew.

4. The vowel "ё" after hissing can be checked, substituting cognate words, for example, whisper / whispers, silks/silks, the wife/wife. The letter "about" is written in words a seam, a hood, a gooseberry, rustle. Write after the letter "c" "and" - circus, compasses, in the termination there has to be a letter "y" - sheep, sestritsyn, remember the words of an exception – the Gipsy, a chicken, chicks.

5. Distinguish writing of Kommersant and "ь", for example, to go round, show, shrink, the elevator. Kommersant is written in the words of a foreign origin, for example, kontrjyarus, subjyadro, the superjyakht. Write Kommersant if an initial part of a word designates a numeral - four-level.

6. The soft sign is written after concordants and in combination with vowels, for example, a devil, billiards, family, I sew, pours, jam, calm. In the words of a foreign origin before "about" - broth, the guillotine.

7. Check unstressed vowels in roots of a word by substitution of cognate words, but that the checked letter turned out under an accent. For example, waters/waters, gardens/garden, young / youth. Check verbs as follows: to throw/throw, tramples down/tramples down, keep in mind, alternation of vowels about / is characteristic of some words and, for example, to earn/earn, acquire/acquire.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team