How to check the solenoid

How to check the solenoid

The solenoid is a spiral from the conductor in which when passing electric current there is almost linear (with direct power lines) a magnetic field. Therefore the solenoid can be used for switching of various valves and sensors remotely. Most often it is done in cars; respectively, at failure of the sensor or valve first of all check the solenoid.

It is required to you

  • - tool kit;
  • - tester;
  • - air compressor.


1. To check the solenoid, take a tester and switch it to an ohmmeter operating mode. By means of technical documentation on the car find out where the solenoid between the computer of the car and "weight" or between the control unit and a source of current is installed. One more important point: what normal state of the valve of the solenoid - opened or closed.

2. By means of an ohmmeter measure its electrical resistance, having attached it to contacts of the solenoid. Find its resistance in a cold and hot state in the maintenance instruction of the car. Surely check a solenoid contour for short circuit. For this purpose close each of contacts on the case of the car through an ohmmeter. If there is an opportunity, sort and wash out the solenoid in gasoline to get rid of the particles which accumulated in the courses and the valve. If he does not understand, just replace him.

3. As in the solenoid rather powerful magnetic field is generated, in it metal microparticles which hammer channels and the valve can accumulate. As a result mobile parts cannot normally move. For check of channels of the solenoid and its hydraulic valve use the compressor with compressed air. At the same time surely check according to documentation, the valve in the normal state is closed or open.

4. For the solenoid closed in a normal look carry out the simple test. Disconnect it from food. Then send to it a current of air under pressure. It should not pass through its output channel. Give tension on the solenoid. Air has to pass through the output channel. In this case the solenoid can be considered serviceable.

5. For normally open solenoid a reverse situation. At shutdown it from food it has to pass air under pressure, and at inclusion of current has to lock the channel, and air on it will not pass.

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