How to choose the food processor for the house

How to choose the food processor for the house

Household – infernal work. It is good that now there is a lot of various devices which will help to execute a part of work for you. Beating, cutting, processing any more you won't bring to white heat if you buy the food processor. The first such unit was invented still in the mid-nineties, but it was extremely inconvenient. Now, more than 60 years later, progress left far ahead. What food processor choose for kitchen?

For a start let's divide combines into multipurpose and compact. Whether much you have places in kitchen whether you want to force it excess objects? If you answered these questions "no" then it is better for you to make the choice for the small, but convenient food processor. The fact that its price, will pleasantly please you is remarkable. Also such combine won't spend immense quantity of the electric power. Capacity at them not big. Generally, such combines are economy option.

If you have a big family, and on weekends your house becomes a haven for a heap the relative and friends, then pay the attention to multipurpose food processors. Yes, they will many "eat" the electric power, as well as purchase won't cost you kopek, but they have very big bowls which will help to prepare food for all at once.

Each food processor has the defined list of obligatory nozzles. Anyway you in a set will have a knife for cutting and a shinkovaniye, a meat knife. Almost each manufacturer also includes in set a grater and a nozzle for batches and smeshivaniye. Upon purchase it is worth paying the attention to these obligatory elements. Don't agree to purchase if something is missing, so shouldn't be.

Anyway you should and choose. Very seldom producers turn on in model the meat grinder and the juice extractor together. What it is more important for you? Fresh juice in the mornings or meat cutlets for lunch? Having answered this question, you will be able to make a choice. The Shnekovsky nozzle is just directed to receiving forcemeat, and the centrifuge will help you to squeeze out juice. Upon purchase of the food processor with a shnekovsky nozzle to it, most likely, also the nozzle the blender which will help you to create different sauces will be provided.

The bowl for the combine plays a key role. Such bowl can be from glass, metal or plastic. You will choose not an essence, what material, the main thing that it maintained high temperatures and also wasn't very fragile. Several bowls so at breakage of one it will be possible to manage other bowl, other size enter set. Bowls can be the different size which in turn can reach 3 liters. If you have a big and close-knit family, then it makes sense to buy that food processor where the bowl is larger.

As a rule, the guarantee doesn't extend to various additions and accessories of the combine therefore to check bowls and covers follows in shop.

Treat this purchase with all responsibility, the food processor should live at you in kitchen not one year.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team