How to clean caviar

How to clean caviar

It is impossible to imagine a holiday table without red caviar! Caviar of salmons — the delicacy loved by many. Buy ready caviar in shop, of course, not a problem. But if you got fish with caviar, it is quite possible to make caviar independently. It is known that in fish caviar contains in a yastyka — the film forming a caviar cover. There are several ways of cleaning of berries of this film.

It is required to you

  • - hot water;
  • - culinary nimbus for beating;
  • - colander or sieve;
  • - paper towels or fabric napkins.


1. Pull down a cover with caviar on several parts. If you got fish with a ripe roe, then such caviar large and is rather easily taken from films. Carefully pull down each of parts of a yastyk hands. Separate berry fingers from separate pieces of a film cover. It is possible to wipe accurately caviar through a grid or a colander with suitable openings.

2. If hands it is impossible to exempt caviar from films, use method with hot water. Boil water, add salt (at the rate on 1 l of water 3 tablespoons of salt) and slightly cool the received brine. Fill in caviar in a cover with hot water, cover and leave approximately for 20 minutes. During this time the cover of caviar will become gray and friable. Take a fork or, what is much more effective, a nimbus for beating. Carefully, but rather intensively, stir caviar in a brine, trying to break a film, but not to crush a berry. Do movements by a nimbus in one party, at the same time water will twist a funnel, and the film — to be reeled up on a nimbus.

3. After the main part of films is cleaned, carefully cast away caviar on a sieve and let's flow down to water. Then lay out caviar in the portions on a paper towel or a napkin, from above also cover with a towel and it is accurate, trying not to crush, wipe berries. The remains of a film will remain on a towel, and caviar at the same time will become dry and friable — granular.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team