How to collect a brazier

How to collect a brazier

The brazier which is made on the basis of a bricklaying is not only reliable, but also beautiful. The collected on the seasonal dacha, such brazier will serve to the owners long enough.

It is required to you

  • Brick, cement, boards, sand, the reinforcing grid, roofing material, polyethylene film, the sheet of stainless steel, waterproof varnish, pig-iron lattice.


1. For a start calculate the individual sizes of future design. Height of a brazier has to correspond to your growth. As a rule, height of a brazier has to be approximately at the level of a waist. It is important that you didn't burn, reaching or, on the contrary, strongly bending down when frying shish kebabs. Optimum length of a brazier – 1 meter. It is quite enough to place on it about 10 skewers. It isn't necessary any more as it is possible not to follow a shish kebab in the course of preparation. For maintenance of comfort temperature don't do brazier depth more than in 1 brick.

2. Now choose the place for placement of a brazier from a brick. To protect it from water, arrange a brazier under a canopy. Many construct it in a gazebo. It looks very beautifully. Besides, take care of that in the future the smell and a soot from a brazier didn't get into premises.

3. Now start the base. For this purpose dig a ditch of 160*80*60 centimeters, fill up it with a layer of sand of 10-15 centimeters and make timberings of boards. To provide necessary durability, use the reinforcing grid with cells 15 * 15 centimeters, in two layers. Fill in with cement, level a surface and leave the base approximately for a week. Then prepare a waterproofing for a brazier, for this purpose use roofing material or a dense polyethylene film. After that start a laying of walls. Apply only a heat-resistant brick and the same mix to laying.

4. Carry out a bricklaying as follows: shift a row from 6 bricks 2 rows on a corner, then make continuous rows of a bricklaying, as a rule, it is 3 rows. In the last 3 rows lay the sheet of stainless steel on which firewood will be located then. For ensuring air draft between a wall and a plate leave gaps.

5. Grind a bricklaying and cover with acrylic waterproof lacquer, and lay out a horizontal surface a tile.

6. It is the easiest way of a construction of a brazier from a brick. At will you can place on it a pig-iron lattice and use as the furnace for cooking.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team