How to compare two pieces

How to compare two pieces

The person constantly should compare objects of size. To combine details, to make a pattern precisely by the size or to buy that furniture which will precisely be located to the apartment it is necessary to know whether there correspond each other parameters of different objects. And it means - it is necessary to compare two pieces on length.

It is required to you

  • - the set pieces;
  • - ruler and other measuring devices;
  • - compasses.


1. Remember what is a piece. It is the site of a straight line limited from two parties to points. Let's say you were given 2 pieces located on one plane in parallel each other and at the same time the perpendicular lowered from the initial point of one of them will appear precisely at the beginning of another. In this case use a combination method. Lower from a final point of the first piece one more perpendicular towards the second. If this new line crosses the second piece, it means that the first - is shorter than the second, and the second - is longer than the first.

2. It is necessary to face comparisons of nonparallel pieces much more often. In this case use compasses measuring instrument. Part his legs on the distance corresponding to length of one of pieces. Then put one leg in the initial point of the second piece. The second at the same time has to appear either on a piece, or on its continuation. This method is applied in case it is not necessary to know length of both pieces, and it is necessary just to define what of them is shorter or longer.

3. Apply a method of standards to comparison of the pieces which are not in one plane. The simplest standard - a usual school ruler with divisions. But in this quality also other measuring devices can be used. To compare two pieces nacherchenny on a leaf apply a zero opening of a ruler to the initial point of one of them. Measure length of the first piece, and then precisely in the same way - the second. In this case you at first find numerical value of length of the first piece, then the second and at the end compare these values.

4. As a temporary standard it is possible to use any rather long subject. It can be, for example, a rope or a lath. Such method of measurements is applied when it is necessary to compare pieces, but the numerical value does not play a large role. For example, you need to define, the case between a sofa and a table will be located or not. Tie a small knot on a rope. Plan on a wall or a plinth a point near a table or a sofa. Strictly across lay a rope and tie the second small knot. To you will be to measure a case on width of this rope in shop enough.

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