How to construct the corner equal to this

How to construct the corner equal to this

At construction or development of house design projects often it is required to construct the corner equal to already available. Templates and school knowledge of geometry come to the rescue.


1. The corner is formed by two straight lines proceeding from one point. This point will be called vertex of angle, and lines will be sides of angle.

2. For designation of corners use three letters: one at top, two at the parties. Call a corner, since that letter which costs at one party, further call the letter standing at top and then a letter at other party. Use also other methods for designation of corners if it is more convenient to you differently. Sometimes call only one letter which costs at top. And it is possible to designate corners by the Greek letters, for example, α, β, γ.

3. Situations when it is necessary to draw a corner that it was equal to already this corner meet. If at creation of the drawing to use a protractor there is no opportunity, it is possible to manage only a ruler and compasses. Let's say on the straight line designated on the drawing by the letters MN it is necessary to construct a corner at a point To so that it was equal to a corner of Century. That is from a point of K it is necessary to draw the straight line forming a corner which will be equal to a corner of Century with the MN line.

4. At the beginning note on a point on each party of this corner, for example, points And yes With, connect points With and And a straight line further. Receive AVS triangle.

5. Now construct on direct MN the same triangle that its top In was on the line in K. Ispolzuyte's point the rule of creation of a triangle on three parties. Postpone from a point To KL piece. It has to be equal to VS piece. Receive a point of L.

6. From a point of K draw a circle radius equal to VA piece. From L draw a circle SA radius. The received point (P) of crossing of two circles connect a triangle of KPL which will be equal to a triangle of ABC to K. Poluchite. So you receive a corner To. It will also be equal to a corner of Century. That to make this construction more conveniently and quicker, from top In postpone equal pieces, using one solution of compasses, not shifting legs, describe the same radius from a point To a circle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team