How to cook beans

How to cook beans

Vegetable beans very tasty and useful. They contain both proteins, and carbohydrates, and vitamins, and amino acid and there are a lot of other elements, very important for organism. Of course, it is possible to buy beans in a tinned look or in the form of any already prepared dish. But the beans prepared with own hand will be the most tasty. And it isn't so difficult to prepare them. For preparation of dishes use young green or dry beans and also young beans directly in pods.

It is required to you

  • Young people
    • mature beans
    • or green pods
    • water
    • salt
    • citric acid
    • ice
    • pressure cooker.


1. For a start it is necessary to exercise in process of the choice of beans judgment. Actually, process of the choice is rather simple if to know the basic rules and secrets. So, green beans have to be brightly green color, without spots, pods shouldn't be rough and dry, but also shouldn't bend too, it demonstrates that beans not fresh. By the size the green pods have to be not thicker than a pencil. It is possible to open one pod and to look at grains, they have to be equal and elastic. Dry beans in turn have to be clean and brilliant, without damages and the wrinkled thin skin, otherwise they will be bad on taste. Mature grains and pods of beans surely are exposed to heat treatment. Young grains can be eaten and in the raw.

2. If you prepare young beans in pods or usual green grains, then it is necessary to remember that it isn't necessary to presoak them. At pods it is necessary to remove tips and fibrous seams on both sides. Then to cut small pieces and to lower in enough the added some salt boiled water. Salt and a large amount of water will allow to keep beautiful green color of pods. It is necessary to lower pods in the boiling water gradually that boiling process didn't stop. When cooking green grains it is necessary to watch that they didn't boil soft as they prepare pretty fast. Most often they are just drenched with boiled water to husk.

3. Dry and mature beans before cooking should be wetted for 6-8 hours, at the same time during this time several times to replace water. Grains which emerged upward need to be removed. It is necessary to cook beans in a large amount of water (water it has to be about two fingers higher than beans). Preparation time can fluctuate from 2 to 4 hours, depending on a grade, a ripeness level and time of soaking of grains. The longer such beans will cook, the they will become more tasty.

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