How to cook broth for children

How to cook broth for children

Broth have to enter a diet of children every day during a lunch. It is meat, fish, vegetable and is a basis of various soups. Especially broth is useful to kids with the lowered appetite. Because it promotes strengthening of digestive juices and by that causes feeling of hunger. Chicken broth is most widespread in baby food, it is recommended to give to children during a disease. Besides, as showed observations, kids eat the soups cooked on chicken more willingly.

It is required to you

  • 100 g of chicken
    • onion - 5 g
    • carrots - 25 g
    • water - 500 g
    • salt - 5 g
    • it is a little greens.


1. For preparation of broth take 100 grams of chicken. She has to be freshen and it is desirable not frozen. It is better to take chicken breast without skin as it is considered that under it a large amount of hazardous substances contains.

2. Previously wet chicken in water (to get rid from surplus of blood in meat), and then wash out. Then put in a saucepan, fill in with cold water and you cook about 10 minutes.

3. After time merge the first broth. It should be made as from meat during cooking pass all harmful chemicals which feed up a bird for increase in her weight into water. Then fill in chicken again with water (only in this case is hotter), in which it has to cook until ready.

4. As soon as meat begins to boil, remove a skin a skimmer or a spoon from broth and you cook it on slow fire of 45-60 minutes. It if you cook home-made chicken, and purchased - prepare even less (30-40 minutes).

5. In advance wash out a baking plate a water jet fresh roots and greens. Cut roots small into cubes, and small chop greens. They will serve as seasoning for your broth, will impact it unique relish, will make more useful.

6. As only meat will become soft, it is necessary to take out it from broth and it is necessary to store separately.

7. On ready broth cook pasta, noodles or vegetables soup (on your discretion). It is possible just to put toasts in the made broth. And surely strew your dish with greens.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team