How to cook buckwheat on water

How to cook buckwheat on water

In buckwheat cereal there are an iron, fluorine, calcium, group B vitamins, organic acids. Contents in grain of protein is comparable with its contents in meat products. Buckwheat is very easily acquired. And besides, a buckwheat – the eco-friendliest of all grown-up nowadays grain crops. It isn't processed by chemicals as isn't afraid of weeds, and isn't exposed to gene modifications. Caloric content of the porridge made on water is only about 90 kilocalories on 100 grams. It is an ideal product for keeping to a diet. It is simple to cook buckwheat on water.

It is required to you

  • pan with a cover;
    • frying pan;
    • water;
    • salt;


1. Measure necessary amount of grain. Ratio of buckwheat and water equally 1:2. That is 2 glasses of water have to is the share of 1 glass of grain. Remember that in the ambassador cookingsof buckwheat increases in volume approximately by 3 times.

2. If it is necessary, touch buckwheat, deleting from it small pebbles and other garbage. Then wash out grain in several waters and let's flow down properly. If you have a sieve, then pour out buckwheat in it, and then wash out it directly under a water jet from the crane.

3. Put a frying pan on fire. Lay out damp buckwheat on a frying pan and fry about a quarter of hour. Grain has to dry and be reddened a little. It is the necessary procedure if you want to receive friable porridge.

4. Put on very strong fire a pan with a necessary amount of water - twice big, than amount of grain. Wait for boiling and salt to taste.

5. Reduce fire to small, and then load the washed-out and fried grain into the boiling water. Cover a pan and cook porridge of minutes 15-20.

6. After a quarter of hour open a cover and rake porridge in a pan to the bottom. Water at the bottom shouldn't be! If liquid was evaporated not all, take porridge on fire a little more.

7. After buckwheat is ready, disconnect fire and set aside a pan aside. Ideally it needs to be wrapped up in a warm towel or a plaid and to allow "sweat" a two-three more of hours. But if the family already nervously knocks spoons, demanding a lunch – porridge it is possible to give on a table, without having forgotten to fill it with oil previously.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team