How to cook pea smoked products soup

How to cook pea smoked products soup

Health giving qualities of peas are caused by high content in it vegetable protein, mineral salts, cellulose, amino acids and antioxidants, so necessary for the person of any age. In Russia cooked kissels, porridges, soups, stuffings for pies from peas. Pea soup can be cooked on the basis of vegetable broth or meat soup. Soup will turn out especially tasty and nutritive if to add various smoked products to it.

It is required to you

  • peas – 1 glass;
    • potatoes – 2-3 pieces;
    • carrots – 1 piece;
    • onions – 1 piece;
    • pork ribs smoked – 500 g;
    • bacon – 200 g;
    • salt
    • bay leaf
    • allspice peas
    • fresh greens of parsley.


1. Choose peas. In shops it meets two types – wholegrain and chipped. Will be suitable for preparation of soup chipped more, it cooks much quicker. Remove extraneous impurities and carefully wash out peas, fill in it with a small amount of water and leave to be presoaked. 3-5 hours later pour in a pan for preparation of soup in 2.5 l of fresh water, put peas and put to cook. Bring to the boil on strong fire. Remove the formed foam, lower fire and continue to cook at weak boiling. You cook until ready peas, not less than 40 minutes. From time to time stir slowly that peas didn't burn.

2. Cut brisket with thin strips, lay out on a dry frying pan and put on fire. When a number of fat is distinguished and pieces of brisket will slightly be fried, add to them small cut onions. Cut carrots with straws or crush on a large grater, put on a frying pan and continue to brown vegetables till golden color.

3. Cut the peeled potatoes in cubes and put in a pan with peas. When potatoes are almost ready, add the vegetables browned with brisket. Several minutes prior to full readiness put bay leaf, allspice in soup. Just before giving on a table fill fresh greens of parsley in each plate.

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