How to cook porridge ""Friendship"

How to cook porridge ""Friendship"

Porridge on milk – the best breakfast for the child, but, unfortunately, this dish quickly becomes boring, and some children refuse to eat it at all. If your child is capricious during a breakfast too, try to make milk Friendship porridge from millet and rice. Time spent for its preparation will pay off a peculiar taste and aroma which is impacted to a dish by the grain cooked together.

It is required to you

  • 5 cups of millet;
    • 5 cups of rice;
    • 3 cups of milk;
    • 1 tablespoons of sugar;
    • 5 tsps of salt;
    • 5 cups of sour cream or a desi to taste.


1. Well wash out millet and round grain rice, without mixing them. Shift millet in a pan, fill in with 1 glass of water and bring to the boil. When grain boils minutes 5, remove a pan from fire and wash millet with cold water, otherwise it will taste bitter and will spoil taste of ready porridge.

2. Mix in a pan with a thick bottom the prepared millet and rice and fill in with milk or mix of milk and water. Put on fire.

3. Periodically stirring slowly, bring porridge to the boil. Right after it lower fire and add salt and sugar. You cook until grain doesn't boil soft.

4. Add butter or sour cream to ready porridge, carefully mix and close a pan a cover. Friendship porridge surely has to infuse, at least, within 15 minutes. And it is the best of all to wrap up a pan in a dense towel and to leave for an hour. Then you receive gentle, fragrant porridge.

5. The Friendship porridge made in an oven is even more tasty. Wash out grain, drench millet with the boiling water (it will remove bitterness). Put rice and millet in a ceramic pot, add milk, salt and sugar. Don't forget that in the course of preparation porridge will boil soft therefore don't impose some grain in a pot up to the top. Well mix contents. Grease edges of a pot with a desi, it will prevent "running away" of milk. Put pots in a cold oven and warm it to 180-200 degrees. At such temperature porridge has to pine within an hour. Periodically check that milk didn't boil away. If it nevertheless "runs away", lower temperature and uncover with pots. At preparation in an oven Friendship porridge can be served at once as soon as grain boils soft. Add to a ready-to-eat meal to taste a desi.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team