How to cook seafood

How to cook seafood

Shrimps, crabs, squids, mussels, oysters, octopuses – the list of seafood is very extensive. Sea delicacies are popular not only with frequenters of restaurants, but also with hostesses who with pleasure prepare festive and daily seafood dishes for family and guests.

Spaghetti with seafood sauce

It will be required to you:

- spaghetti – 1 pack;

- cod fillet (or other saltwater fish) – 1 piece; - the cleaned shrimps – 100 g; - squids – 100 g; - tomato – 3 pieces; - garlic – 2 segments; - olive oil – 2 tablespoons; - a basil – 1 bunch; - sea salt, pepper – to taste.

Scald tomatoes boiled water, husk with them and cut in cubes. Small chop garlic. In a deep frying pan with a thick bottom warm olive oil and slightly fry garlic, then add tomatoes and extinguish several minutes. Husk squids and cut ringlets. Shrimps and fish cut with small pieces. Small chop a half of a bunch of a basil. Add seafood and a basil to a frying pan, salt, pepper and you extinguish on slow fire 3-4 minutes.

In the added some salt water boil spaghetti to semi-readiness (about 6-7 minutes), lay out on a frying pan with sauce and add a little water in which they cooked. Bring pasta to a ready state, constantly stirring slowly and as necessary adding still water. Serve spaghetti hot, having powdered from above with the remained basil.

Squids vegetables salad

It will be required to you: - squids fresh – 300 g; - paprika – 1 piece; - a cucumber of the average sizes – 1 piece; - a small head of cabbage of the Beijing cabbage – 1 piece; - a soy-bean sauce – 2 tablespoons; - sour cream – 2 tablespoons; - small tangerine – 1 piece. Wash out squids in cool flowing water and clean from a thin skin, put in the added some salt boiling water and boil 1-2 minutes. Then take out, throw cold water and cut thin rings. Chop the Beijing cabbage, and small chop the peeled paprika. Cut a cucumber with long thin straws or grate for the Korean carrots. Mix vegetables with squids in a deep salad bowl. In separate capacity prepare gas station. Squeeze out juice of tangerine. Connect a soy-bean sauce, sour cream, tangerine juice and shake up before formation of homogeneous mass. Serve salad and sauce separately or fill salad just before giving on a table.

Several councils

If for preparation the frozen seafood is used, defreeze them on the lower shelf of the fridge. Put a frozen fillet of squids to thaw in slightly added some salt cold water. That it was easier to husk squids, drench them with abrupt boiled water. Prepare squids no more than 5-7 minutes that meat kept the softness and a delicate flavor. To make practically any seafood, put them in the added some salt boiling water, cover with a cover and you cook 5-7 minutes on small fire, octopuses and cuttlefishes cook 25-30 minutes.

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