How to cook tasty pea soup

How to cook tasty pea soup

Pea soup is the very rich dish containing a lot of protein. Its peculiar taste isn't similar on any other dish. Soup with addition of peas is cooked for many years and in different countries. Mongolia adds tomatoes to pea soup, in Italy - cheese. Many hostesses for giving of piquancy when cooking broth add some smoked product.

It is required to you

  • dry peas;
    • fresh
    • canned or frozen peas;
    • brisket or smoked pork ribs;
    • potatoes;
    • onions;
    • carrots;


1. To cook tasty pea soup, for a start it is necessary to define its basis. If you want to cook soup on meat soup, you will need brisket or smoked pork ribs.

2. It is possible to reduce preparation time of soup, using the split split peas wetted for the night in boiled water. On a three-liter saucepan of soup take a glass of peas and three average potatoes. Wet peas for the night, change water for fresh in the morning and you cook the inflated peas to full readiness. Depending on quality of processing of peas, preparation time will be a miscellaneous.

3. When peas become soft, add to a pan small cut pork ribs or smoked products, potatoes chopped by cubes and you cook fifteen more minutes. At this time small crush a bulb, grate carrots and brown on vegetable or a desi. Add to a pan and you cook about seven more minutes. In two minutes until ready add chopped greens.

4. Fresh croutons can become excellent addition to pea soup. For this purpose cut long loaf on small cubes or bars and spread out to a dry baking tray, and then dry in an oven or in the microwave.

5. At preparation of double pea soup use fresh green or canned, frozen peas. At first on olive oil brown onions and greens, garlic, two teaspoons of mint and pieces of fresh or dried ginger.

6. On liter of water take 100 g of dry split peas, bring to the boil and you cook about forty minutes to softness. Then add 200 g of fresh, canned or frozen peas and you cook 5 more minutes.

7. There are two options further – to leave pea soup in such look or to make a cream soup. To receive a tasty cream soup, pour slightly cooled cooked soup in the blender and shake up to uniform consistence, add the browned vegetables and seasonings, strew with a polished hard cheese and give with croutons.

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