How to correct rancid oil

How to correct rancid oil

Desi is in the fridge of almost each hostess. But, if your reserves of oil were big and the oil bought by you turned rancid, then you don't hurry to be upset and at once to leave it, apparently, the spoiled product - the following simple actions will help to correct rancid oil to you.

It is required to you

  • desi;
    • water;
    • carrot juice;
    • salt;
    • antonovka;
    • baking soda;
    • bread;
    • birch coal;
    • milk;
    • gauze;
    • frying pan;


1. Wash out several times rancid oil in a large amount of water and salt a little. After that pour in it a little natural carrot juice and carefully mix the received weight. Carrot juice will return to oil earlier lost delicate and delicate flavor.

2. Boil in a frying pan stale oil several times, previously having added to it the cut segments of antonovka. Then filter hot oil with segments of apples through a gauze, carefully wash it with water and shake up still hot. Recovered oil will become suitable for the use again.

3. Wash rancid oil with water solution with baking soda, having taken 1 glass of water and 1 teaspoon of baking soda for solution preparation. After that oil needs to be washed well with clear water and to salt a little. The taste of oil will become at once better, and the smell is more pleasant.

4. Put rancid oil and a small piece of bread on a frying pan and melt on slow fire oil together with bread. Bread will absorb in itself bitterness and an unpleasant odor, and you will be able to enjoy a pleasant and creamy flavor of oil again.

5. Kindle stale oil in a frying pan and add to it 1 tea cup of previously istolchenny and sifted birch coal. Leave the received weight in the warm place for day. Next day kindle the received mix of oil and birch coal again and filter it until it cooled down. After that the taste of a product, suitable for food, will return to oil again.

6. Put rancid oil in a fresh milk, several times carefully knead it in milk, then wash out in water and salt. The genuine fresh milk will dissolve butyric acid which contains in rancid oil much, and will remove the bad taste which is available in it and a stale smell from a product. Water, when washing oil will remove from it milk, and recovered oil will become appetizing again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team