How to cut a magnet

How to cut a magnet

When using magnets sometimes it is required to pick up material of certain sizes and with the set properties. It is possible to get the necessary magnet in finished form, of course. But if it is not possible to make it, it is possible to try to make the required magnet independently, having divided a finished product into two or even several parts. At the same time each of new small magnets will keep the natural properties.

It is required to you

  • - table vises;
  • - grinder ("Bulgarian");
  • - detachable disk with diamond dusting;
  • - water;
  • - respirator;
  • - rags.


1. Try to define whether the magnet which is available for you to division into parts moves. Some types of magnets, for example, powder, do not maintain machining. Magnets from ferrite material at observance of certain conditions can be cut on independent parts, having kept magnetic properties of material. Before getting to work on cutting of a magnet, try as far as it gives in to machining, nadpiliv it from edge.

2. Prepare tools and materials for work. You need the grinder ("Bulgarian") and a detachable disk with firm diamond dusting. Such disks are used for metal working of the increased durability or preparations from a stone.

3. Note a cut edge on an initial magnet. For this purpose use a sharp metal object (nail, a metalwork chertilka) and a metal ruler. Apply the line of a marking on three or even all four sides of a magnet if you want to receive an equal cut.

4. Clamp a magnet in table vises that the line of a cut was well visible and a vice did not disturb the course of the cutting tool. Not to damage a magnet surface, use laying from soft metal, for example, from an aluminum strip.

5. Protect a face a mask or a respirator as during processing of magnetic material specific dust which can easily get into airways will be formed. Now it is possible to start cutting of a magnet on a part.

6. Put a bit to the line of a section and it is accurate, without making considerable efforts, begin to process material. You do not hurry, otherwise the line of a cut can turn out uneven. That during work the magnet did not lose the properties, do not allow material overheating. For this purpose periodically during cutting stop process and moisten the place of processing with cold water. Upon termination of processing clean the turned-out new magnets from abrasive particles, having wiped with clean rags.

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