How to decorate dishes for a New Year's table

How to decorate dishes for a New Year's table

New year is a special holiday, the love for which is kept by both adults, and children. To a New Year's table it is necessary to give not only the tasty, but also beautifully decorated dishes which will create the additional atmosphere of a holiday.

It is required to you

  • - umbrellas for cocktails;
  • - peeler;
  • - exotic fruit;
  • - fresh vegetables;
  • - tinned cherry;
  • - icing sugar.
  • For marzipan weight:
  • - 1 glass of a nibbled almond;
  • - 1 glass of sugar;
  • - 1/4 glasses of warm water;
  • - food colors.


1. Choose subject of a New Year's table and decorate dishes according to it. You can place emphasis on a certain color, for example, being guided on east to the calendar. In this case dishes and laying should be sustained in one or two in harmony shades. It is also possible to choose uniform style of ornament. For example, for a party in tropical style use bright colors, Bengal lights, umbrellas for cocktails and exotic fruit.

2. Salads can be decorated with beautifully cut vegetables. It will be original to look a vegetable bouquet on salad. Take a strong fresh cucumber, wash up it and cut in length on very thin plasticity by means of the peeler. One plasticity curtail into a dense tubule - it will become the center of a flower. Bend the second in half and press to central. Repeat this operation with all slices. As a result the core of a flower has to be surrounded with slices in the form of petals. Fix the turned-out flower by a toothpick. The same flower can be made also of carrots. Decorate salad vegetable with flowers and the greens imitating leaves.

3. Decorate New Year's desserts. Cake can be decorated interestingly marzipan weight. Fry a glass of almonds, clean from a peel and crush into powder in the coffee grinder or in the food processor. Mix nuts with a glass of sugar. Add 1/4 cups of warm water. Knead until sugar isn't dissolved, and nut mix won't become dense as dough. Put marzipan at several o'clock in the fridge.

4. Roll ready marzipan on a cutting board, cut out from it a circle by the cake surface size and also a strip width about cake height. Cover cake with a marzipan layer. Also you can decorate cake with figures from marzipan weight. For this purpose ready marzipan can be painted by means of industrial food color or bright natural components - beet juice or a lemon dried peel. Also on cake directly over marzipan it is possible to write cream a congratulation or to draw hours which shooters will specify for 12 hours.

5. Originally serve ice cream for children. For this purpose create three balls of the frozen different size and lay them so that the snowman turned out. Strew a surface of a plate with icing sugar which will imitate snow. To a snowman make hands of poppy straw, and cut out a nose from tinned cherry. Give a dessert quickly until the snowman from ice cream began to melt.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team