How to determine dish caloric content

How to determine dish caloric content

Eternal problem of all losing weight ladies (and not only I will give) - how to count, how many calories in a plate. Certainly, it is necessary to consider the content of proteins, carbohydrates and fats at preparation of dishes, but zealous adherents of diets still consider calories as they make energy value. This fuel which we use for maintenance of forces and depends on its quantity how many it is necessary for normal functioning of an organism, what is the time to spend for sports exercises and how many we risk to receive in the form of excess weight.

It is required to you

  • table of caloric content of products,
    • calculator


1. The lightest option is to buy a ready-made product in shop. On original packings the energy value is always indicated 100 g of weight. Thus, depending on the weight eaten it is possible to determine daily caloric content.

2. If you cook a dish independently, it is necessary to know for sure what products you used and in what quantity or weight. At the same time consider the weight of products before their preparation as water addition (as, for example, for grain) increases weight. To count the number of calories in a difficult dish, it is necessary to consider all features of the used ingredients: product type (fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, grain, bakery goods, sauces) and their state (dry, crude, liquid). For this purpose use exact measured devices (spoons, graduated cylinders, scales), but don't measure weight by eye.

3. For calculation of caloric content of a dish it is necessary to put energy value of its components and to divide, respectively, into quantity of portions. Despite the numerous calorie counters existing on the Internet and on book a counter, it is better to make own table, making to it additions for a measure of preparation of a new dish. Thus you will save yourself from constant calculation of calories.

4. Several rules for calculation of various dishes: tea, coffee (without sweeteners and cream) and water of caloric content have no. Consider the caloric content of grain and pasta on the weight of a dry product. In soups consider all ingredients and add water weight for calculation of caloric content on 100 g of a product. In cutlets count the caloric content of forcemeat, bread crumbs and amount of oil on which they are fried. For dishes in the test add the batter caloric content (eggs, flour) and you divide into quantity of pieces. For pastries don't forget about sweet powder, raisin and other. For fresh juices consider the caloric content of initial fruit and/or vegetables.

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