How to dilute acetic acid

How to dilute acetic acid

The period of preparations - busy season in each kitchen. Ah, as there is a wish to keep numerous gifts of the nature for the winter that in the cold winter evenings to enjoy taste and a smell of summer. There is a wish that the fruit and vegetables which are grown up on the site weren't gone. And conservation helps to realize these desires to us - an easy and reliable way to make preparations for the winter. Various concentration of acetic acid very often occurs in recipes of conservation. Here also the hostess suffers, without knowing how to dilute acetic acid as from 70 percent acetic acid to receive acid of the necessary concentration.

It is required to you

  • 70 percent acetic acid;
    • Cold boiled water;
    • Tablespoon;
    • Glass or bank.


1. Define, concentration what acetic acid is necessary to you. Take bank or a glass depending on the estimated volume of the final product.

2. Take a tablespoon. Take its volume for one part. Add so many parts of water that acetic acid necessary to you turned out to one tablespoon of 70 percent acetic acid: 30% - 1.5 parts of water; 10% - 6 parts of water; 9% - 7 parts of water; 8% - 8 parts of water; 7% - 9 parts of water; 6% - 11 parts of water; 5% - 13 parts of water; 4% - 17 parts of water; 3% - 22.5 parts of water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team