How to dissolve acetic acid

How to dissolve acetic acid

In preparation of various dishes and preparations for the winter acetic acid of various concentration is used. Really it is necessary to have houses numerous small bottles with vinegar? Of course not! Having available, for example, 30% acetic acid, it is possible to receive vinegar of the necessary concentration.

It is required to you

  • 30% acetic acid;
    • cold boiled water;


1. Read the recipe and specify, concentration what vinegar in it is used.

2. Take a teaspoon as unit of measure.

3. Add so many teaspoons of water how many it is necessary to 1 teaspoon of 30% acetic acid in order that acetic acid of the necessary concentration.3 of % - 10 teaspoons vody4% - 7 teaspoons vody5% - 6 teaspoons vody6% - 5 teaspoons vody7% - 4 teaspoons vody8% - 3.5 teaspoons vody9% - 3 teaspoons vody10% - 2.5 teaspoons of water turned out

4. If available there is 30% acetic acid, and in the recipe vinegar of other concentration moreover in milliliters is required, use other table and the following order of calculations: 9% - 168% - 187% - 216% - 24naprimer, 7% vinegar in number of 120 ml is necessary. Near 7% find number 21 in the table. Divide the necessary amount of vinegar (120 ml) into number 21 (120:21=5.7). Means, to receiving 120 ml of 7% vinegar, it is necessary to take 5.7 teaspoons of 30% acetic acid. Round number 5.7. About 5.5 teaspoons will turn out.

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