How to distinguish an adverb from an adjective

How to distinguish an adverb from an adjective

The adverb and adjectives are the independent parts of speech having various morphological features and the performing different functions. It is possible to distinguish an adjective from an adverb, having defined function which is performed by a word, and having paid attention to its building.


1. The adjective designates sign of a subject, describing its qualities, a form, accessory to someone and other properties. This part of speech has the full and short form and also degrees of comparison. The adjective in imenitelny case answers questions: "what?" (beautiful), "what?" (attractive), "what?" (simple), "what?" (good). In the offer they are connected with the defined words by means of coordinating communication.

2. The adverb, in turn, also is an independent part of speech, however it designates only sign or a circumstance of action and sometimes defines sign of sign. In the offer of an adverb are circumstances and contact the defined words by means of communication of an adjunction, i.e. on sense. Adjectives, in turn, serve as definition.

3. Both parts of speech differ on the nature of sign which they define. Adjectives are divided into qualitative (sweet, bitter), relative (the reading room, the wooden house) or possesive (The Bering Sea, a wolf hole). Qualitative adjectives are used in a full or short form and also have degrees of comparison: positive, comparative (more beautifully) and the excellent (most beautiful). As distinctive sign of adjectives also the fact that they have changeable signs of a sort (strong – strong), can incline on cases (diligent – diligent – diligent) and have both only (fast), and multiple (fast) number acts.

4. Adverbs are classified on two types: attributive (a little, approximately, it is absolute) and adverbial (anywhere, to spite, from here). These categories are subdivided into qualitative ("as?"), image of action ("how?"), degrees ("as far as?"), places ("where?", "where?"), time ("when?"), reasons ("why?") and purposes ("what for?"). Thus, categories of an adverb and adjective are characterized by various signs. The adjective is more connected with an object or the subject of action, and the adverb contacts only directly action.

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