How to divide fraction into natural number

How to divide fraction into natural number

If the number can be used at the account of some objects, then it can be considered "natural", that is all whole non-negative numbers are natural. And fractional call number in which numerator and a denominator there are natural numbers. There are several forms of record of fractional number, for each of which operation of division into natural number has specific features.


1. If the fractional number is not written down in the mixed form, then miss this step, and differently to divide it into natural number, at first result the mixed fraction in irregular shape of record of a common fraction. The whole part is written in the mixed form before fractional - you should increase it by the number standing in a denominator and to add the received result to numerator. For example, the mixed fraction 4 7/9 should be written down in the form of 43/9 as 4*9+7=36+7=43. The denominator of a fractional part at this transformation remains without changes, and the received fraction is called "wrong" as it less than the calculated numerator.

2. If the number standing in numerator of a common fraction it is possible to divide without the rest into the natural number given in statements of the problem, then everything the procedure will come down to only one this operation. For example, to divide an improper fraction 44/9 into natural number 11 it is enough to divide into it numerator, having left a denominator without changes 44/9: 11 = 4/9.

3. If the number standing in numerator of a common fraction is not divided without the rest into this natural number, then increase a denominator of a common fraction by this number, and leave numerator without changes. For example, that 43/9 to divide the improper common fraction received on the first step into natural number 11, it is necessary to leave in numerator 43, and in a denominator to put result of multiplication 9*11=99, that is 43/99 will be result.

4. If the fraction which is required to be divided is written down in a decimal form, then, as a rule, it is required to represent result too in the form of decimal fraction. Therefore you just should divide in any convenient way (in a column, in mind or by means of the calculator) fraction into this number. For example, the decimal fraction 1.57 will be result of division of decimal fraction 3.14 on naturally number 2.

5. If nevertheless it is required to present result of division of decimal fraction into natural number in the form of a common fraction, then begin with reduction of a decimal form of record to the mixed ordinary form. For this purpose deliver decimal fraction in numerator, having removed from it a comma. In a denominator deliver unit, then count the number of signs in a fractional part of initial decimal fraction and attribute the same number of zero to unit. For example, the decimal fraction 3.14 will look in a format of a common fraction as 314/100. After that act the same as it is described above, since the second step.

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