How to draw a straight line

How to draw a straight line

All straight lines are similar. It is the simplest to draw straight lines by means of a ruler, on a cliche or on lining paper.


1. That to draw straight line the line on paper, will be required to you a ruler. Note two points through which there has to pass the line, apply a ruler, so that points were close to it on the one side of a ruler, and connect them.

2. To draw a horizontal straight line on a wall, use the water-level. It is a special ruler with water level, in it there is a small container with water in which the level ball index floats. Apply the water-level to a wall, straighten it so that the index of level coincided with the line of a water surface, draw the line on direct side of the device.

3. To draw a vertical straight line, take a thread, weight it a small weight since one end. Suspend the free end of thread on a tack in a wall, wait when thread finishes fluctuations if it was shaken. Draw along it a straight line. Or it is possible to paint thread paint, then it will leave a mark on a wall.

4. In graphic editors there is a special tool ""Straight line"" which allows to draw straight lines two cliques of a mouse. Just choose this tool, click in a point of the beginning of the line, click the second time in a final point of the line. Latching of the ctrl and shift keys will give you the chance to draw strictly vertical (horizontal) line or the line at an angle in 45 °. What specifically the key is used for this purpose, depends on settings of the editor.

5. To draw straight lines without any devices, by hand, you need to train much. Begin with the fact that try to repeat the straight line drawn on a ruler draw to it a set of parallel straight lines. In this case success comes only with experience.

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