How to draw the soldier

How to draw the soldier

During creation of the drawing of own soldier hero it is the best of all to make a start from three qualities - courage, force and persistence. Perhaps, it is also the main set of any soldier which, already at the request of the author, can be complemented with other characteristics.

It is required to you

  • - pencils;
  • - album leaf.


1. Decide on proportions of your soldier. Depending on on what you want to place emphasis, proportions can be different. If it is the archer, draw long strong hands and ideally direct bearing. If the lancer, trace brushes and tension of muscles of a back during a throw. The classical soldier with a sword can combine in himself ""counters"" of several heroes at once.

2. Think up to the soldier character and the atmosphere around. He can be intense and, having a little blinked eyes, to look at the viewer, kind of showing the readiness for fight. His face can be hidden behind a shadow from a helmet, and only derisive lips will give his vanity. And the grief can on his face, and the dry tear washes cheeks of the old fighter. To solve to you.

3. Do not draw the soldier in a rack ""quietly"". He by definition cannot be such. Try to give speed of its movements. If your copy - the huge big guy, give rage of his blows by means of additional strokes - easy degradation around hands and the striking weapon.

4. Draw a body in several stages. For a start create a torso. It can be drawn in the form of the turned pear, gradually tracing pectoral muscles and a press. Remember that muscles of a press are volume, and at the side image they have to be visible. Further you pass to legs, depending on a pose reflect tension of muscles or just quiet rack.

5. Pay attention to trifles, drawing hands. Shoulders always act from the rolled hands a little, transitions of muscles from hands to a back have to be plausible that there were no problems with further processing. Carefully select the size and length of a neck, all drawing can be damaged if proportions are picked incorrectly up.

6. Do not leave the soldier without equipment. That your character did not resemble ordinary ""muscleman"" or the flatter hermit, supply him with all necessary. Certainly, it is not obligatory to draw a two-meter hammer, but why not to ""sparkle"" on light the thin knife blade hidden behind a sleeve.

7. Give to realness to the soldier by means of shadows and additional strokes. Than shadows are thicker and more rigid, the character especially severely looks. At the same time the body of the real soldier never is ideal. Heavy trainings and numerous fights have an effect scars and face and body scratches. However do not go too far in marks. If all your hero is covered with the mortal picking wounds, there will be a question of how in general he still fights. The realness is here too important, as well as your imagination.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team