How to dry eggplants for the winter in an oven

How to dry eggplants for the winter in an oven

Eggplants – tasty and incredibly useful vegetables which are suitable for preparation of salads, snack and other. Therefore it is no wonder that many hostesses try to reserve these fruits for the future by method of conservation, freezing or drying. The last way - the most widespread as it allows to keep a maximum of useful substances in vegetables.

First of all prepare eggplants: wash up them, wipe with a paper towel. If vegetables from your kitchen garden, it is enough, however if fruits are acquired in shop, in this case it is desirable to cut off a skin. Further cut eggplants thin strips, circles or plates (the more thinly you will cut, the quicker they will dry), put them in a deep bowl and salt (on one kilogram of vegetables the salt teaspoon is required). Mix and leave for an hour. After time of segment wring out (if desired they can be washed out and wrung out).

On a clean baking tray put a cotton towel, and accurately spread out pieces of eggplants in one layer to it, trying to stack them as it is possible more closely to each other. Place a baking tray in an oven and include kitchen appliances, having adjusted on it temperature in 50-60 degrees. Leave vegetables to dry for 10-12 hours, trying everyone a couple of hours for about two-three minutes to open an oven, allowing moisture to evaporate more actively.

Later the specified time check eggplants: they have to be dry, and at strong pressing - to break, but not to crumble. If slices bend, then leave vegetables to be finally dried for one or two hours. Accurately take dry slices from a baking sheet and shift them in bank or a cotton bag. You store in the dry dark place.

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