How to find a root in the third degree

How to find a root in the third degree

Operation of finding of a cube root is usually called extraction of a "cubic" root, and it consists in finding of such real number which construction in a cube will give the value equal to subradical number. Operation of extraction of an arithmetic root of any degree of n is equivalent to operation of exponentiation 1/n. For practical calculation of a cubic root it is possible to use several methods.


1. Use online-calculator for finding of a cube root. For example, to make it by means of the service placed on the page it is enough to enter number in the field of Enter A Value and to press the Calculate button. This calculator uses the JavaScript-scenario for calculations, that is all calculations are made directly in your computer therefore you receive result instantly. The root cubic of the entered number will be placed in the Calculated Cube Root field where it can be copied and transferred to the program necessary to you.

2. Other way is to use the calculator which is built in the Google search engine. For example, for finding of a cubic root from number 1730 enter into the field of a search query 1730 ^ (1/3). If it is necessary to find a root from fractional number, then as a divider of the whole and fractional part use a point, but not a comma.

3. If there is no Internet access, then it is possible to use the calculator which is built in the Windows operating system. The reference to its start is hidden not less deeply, than Kashchey's death. To reach it at first open the main menu on the Start-up button, then open the section "All Programs", then click the subsection "Standard", after it - the section "Office", and then click the Calculator point. It is possible to make simpler - to press a combination of the keys WIN + R, to enter the calc team and to press Enter.

4. Open the section "Look" in the menu of the calculator and select the item "Engineering" or "Scientific" as the necessary function in the usual interface of the program is absent. Then enter number from which it is necessary to take a cubic root.

5. Give a mark in a checkbox near the inscription Inv - so you report to the program that it is necessary to carry out operations the return the fact that are specified on action buttons of its interface. Then click the button with x^3 symbols and the calculator will count and will show you result of extraction of a cubic root from the entered number.

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