How to find acceleration

How to find acceleration

To find acceleration there are special devices (accelerometers). However, not always such device is had near at hand. In this case, acceleration can be found by means of simple calculations.

It is required to you

  • ruler, stop watch, speedometer, accelerometer


1. To find average acceleration on some piece of a way, measure instantaneous velocities of a body in the beginning and the end of this piece. It can be done by means of a speedometer. Measure time of passing of a way by means of a stop watch. Then, from final speed on this piece of a way (which is measured in the end) take away the initial speed (which was at the beginning), and divide the received difference into time of its passing, and average acceleration on this piece of a way will be result.

2. In case it is not possible to attach a speedometer to a body, it is possible to measure its acceleration at the movement from a condition of rest. For this purpose measure distance on which the body in meters moved, and then increase it by 2 and divide into time of passing of a way which is previously squared. Important reminder: initial speed of a body has to be surely equal to zero!

3. To find acceleration, without measuring time which the body is en route, by means of a speedometer measure instantaneous velocities in the beginning and the end of the site, and its length, and then find the difference of squares of final and initial speed, and divide into the doubled length of a way.

4. Knowing the mass of a moving body, it is possible to find its acceleration, using the II law of Newton. For this purpose determine by a dynamometer force which forces a body to move. Divide value of force which affects a body on its weight, and receive acceleration.

5. At the movement of a body on a circle even with a constant speed, it is affected by acceleration too. That to find it, divide the speed squared into the radius of a circle on which the body measured in meters moves.

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