How to find average size

How to find average size

Average sizes play a huge role in our life. They are applied everywhere, beginning from impartial statistics and the economic theory and finishing with calculation of balls in KVN.

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1. Average size is an indicator of uniform set which levels individual distinctions of values of statistical sizes, thereby giving the generalizing characteristic of the varying sign. Average size shows characteristic of all set in general, but not its separate sizes. Average size bears in itself that general that is inherent in all elements of set.

2. For use of average sizes two conditions have to be met. The first condition – uniformity of set. The second condition – is enough big volume of set for which average pays off.

3. Average arithmetic - the simplest and often used size. The formula for location has it the following appearance: Hsred. = x/ngde x - value of sizes, and n - total amount of values of sizes. There are cases when use of average arithmetic is incorrect for the solution of an objective, then other average sizes are used.

4. Average geometrical in difference from average arithmetic is applied when determining average relative changes. Geometrical average is more exact result of averaging in tasks on calculation of value X equidistant both from minimum, and from the maximum value of size of set. The formula has an appearance: X = √ (n&x1∙x2 ∙ … ∙Xn)

5. The average square is used when values of set can be both positive sizes, and negative. It is applied during the calculating of average deviations and measurement of a variation of values of size H.Formula has an appearance: X = √ ((x1^2+x2^2+ ⋯+xn^2) / n)

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