How to find unemployment rate

How to find unemployment rate

Unemployment rate — an important indicator of an economic condition of the country, region or certain settlement. Knowledge of unemployment rate is necessary for drawing up plans of social and economic development and development of social programs. In itself, unemployment rate is the testimony of stability or instability in the city or the country.

It is required to you

  • - statistical data on different categories of the population;
  • - information about the number of the unemployed;
  • - calculator.


1. Find statistical data on total number of the population of the territory necessary to you and also data on groups. It is possible to use results of the last census or data which the department of statistics of local governments has. Data on the number of the people who are looking for work can be received in Job center. This information is not closed and is regularly published.

2. All population living in this territory is divided into two big groups. Some inhabitants are included potential labor, others — are not present. To the second category children up to 16 years, disabled people, patients of psychiatric clinics and also convicts treat imprisonment. Except these people who are automatically getting into this group, students, housewives, pensioners and those who for some reason just do not want to work treat it. As a rule, it is citizens without a certain residence. Those who lost hope for employment and ceased to look for for themselves a workplace belong to the same category. Consider how many inhabitants are included into the category not looking for work. Subtract result from total number of the population.

3. Inhabitants of the region who are potential labor are divided into groups too. Some work, and others actively look for a workplace. Designate potential labor as P. Togda it is possible to express it a formula of P=Z+B, that is it is equal to the sum of busy and jobless persons. This indicator is counted usually only for the civilian population. The military personnel of conscription service is considered as busy, but in calculation if it is not stipulated, is not accepted.

4. Calculate the relation of number of the unemployed to the total number of labor. It can be expressed a formula Ub = INSTANT where Ub — unemployment rate, B – the unemployed, and P — total number of potential workers. To define unemployment rate as a percentage, increase the received result by 100%.

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