How to fry champignons

How to fry champignons

Champignons - the mushroom, most popular in the world. It is rich with protein. It can be grown up on special farms and even in house conditions. The first the French began to be engaged in it 300 years ago. Unlike other forest mushrooms it can be eaten and in the raw: for example, to cut in salads. More simply and most quicker to roast champignons in a frying pan.

It is required to you

  • fresh or frozen champignons
    • vegetable oil
    • salt
    • frying pan


1. Wash fresh mushrooms a baking plate with cold water. Accurately rub off everyone a towel that all excess moisture was absorbed.

2. Separate caps from legs. Cut plates and those, and other parts of champignons.

3. Strongly heat a frying pan. Pour a little vegetable oil there. Lay out in the small portions mushrooms (so they won't come out juice). Fry within 7-10 minutes, constantly stirring slowly.

4. In 2-3 minutes prior to the end of cooking to salt champignons.

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