How to fry chicken entirely

How to fry chicken entirely

Chicken meat - a nutritious, tasty and low-calorie product which perfectly is suitable for dietary food. It is a source of protein, amino acids, vitamins and is easily acquired by an organism. The usefulness of chicken meat is indisputable, it is preparing quickly, and dishes always turn out tasty and appetizing.

It is required to you

  • For "Chicken with vegetables and greens":
    • chicken;
    • 3 branches of rosemary;
    • 5 glasses of buttermilk;
    • vegetable oil;
    • 5-6 pieces of potatoes;
    • red
    • yellow and green paprika;
    • 2 glasses of broth from cubes;
    • parsley;
    • fennel;
    • salt;
    • black sprinkling pepper;
    • chili powder.
    • For "Chicken under "snow":
    • For sauce:
    • glass of sour cream;
    • garlic head;
    • mustard teaspoon;
    • several drops of lemon juice;
    • 2 boiled vitelluses;
    • For "snow":
    • 2 crude egg whites;
    • several drops of lemon juice;


1. Chicken with vegetables and greens Heat an oven to 200 degrees.

2. Carefully wash out chicken, let's water flow down and dry a napkin or a towel.

3. Mix salt with a black sprinkling pepper and grate with this mix chicken.

4. Wash up rosemary, dry and enclose in an abdominal cavity of chicken.

5. Shift chicken to a baking tray and bake about an hour.

6. Mix buttermilk with two tablespoons of vegetable oil, chili powder and from time to time grease with this mix chicken meat.

7. Clean potatoes and wash. At paprika destem, seeds and too wash a baking plate with flowing water. Cut potatoes and pepper into cubes.

8. Pour in vegetable oil on a frying pan and fry the prepared vegetables.

9. Minutes for 10 before the end of roasting of chicken, pour out broth on a baking tray and lay out potatoes with pepper.

10. Wash up, dry and small cut parsley and fennel. Get from an oven chicken with vegetables, shift to a dish and strew with greens.

11. Chicken under "snow" Warm an oven to 250 degrees.

12. Well wash out a carcass of chicken, dry, put in the form which is specially intended for roasting and place in an oven. Fry chicken until ready, watering with the emitted juice.

13. While chicken is baked in an oven, be engaged in sauce. Clean garlic and you potolkit or miss it via the spadefoot. Well pound boiled vitelluses a spoon.

14. Add garlic, a teaspoon of prepared mustard, several drops of lemon juice and the pounded vitelluses to sour cream. Carefully mix everything to uniform consistence.

15. For preparation of "snow" add salt to crude egg whites, and well everything shake up 3-5 drops of lemon juice before formation of white foam.

16. Get chicken from an oven, fill in with sour cream sauce, from above lay out a spoon "snow" and again put for a while in an oven. Bake before formation of a ruddy crust.

17. Serve ready chicken to a table in the same ware in which it was baked.

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