How to grind coffee without coffee grinder

How to grind coffee without coffee grinder

Preparation of fresh and fragrant coffee begins with its crushing. At the same time even the lack of the coffee grinder won't become an obstacle in preparation of this magnificent drink.

There are several ways of crushing of coffee without use of the coffee grinder and the coffee machine. The simplest of them is use of the ordinary or electric meat grinder. Modern meat grinders are issued with sets of various knives intended for different products. The nozzles intended for spices, for example for goroshk of a black pepper will be suitable for coffee. At the exit the non-uniform grinding turns out. It can be passed via the meat grinder several times, the satisfactory result won't be received yet. Electric meat grinders, usually, cope with coffee from the first. In a different way crushing of coffee without coffee grinder, use of the blender is. At the same time it is necessary to grind it in the cup equipped with a cover, otherwise grains and their splinters will scatter on all kitchen. By means of the blender it is possible to grind coffee to uniform powder. The less there will be its parts, the more fragrant drink will turn out. The most extreme way of crushing – by means of the hammer. A small amount of grains needs to be inwrapped in the newspaper. Then it is necessary to beat them with the hammer before full crushing. After that it is possible to start cooking of coffee.

It is necessary to remember that before starting crushing, it is necessary to wash up and dry carefully all details of the equipment which will adjoin to grains. Otherwise coffee can absorb smells of products which were processed earlier. Apparently, in how to grind coffee without coffee grinder, there are no special difficulties. It is possible to make it by means of devices which are in each house. At the same time the quality of drink won't be worse, than after crushing in the coffee grinder or the coffee machine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team