How to increase the mixed numbers

How to increase the mixed numbers

If the common fraction consists only of numerator and a denominator, then such form of record call idle time and if before numerator and a denominator there is also an integer, then it is the mixed record form. Usually lead an improper fraction to the mixed form of record - that which has a numerator module more module of a denominator.


1. Begin mathematical operation of multiplication of the mixed numbers with transformation of all participating mixed numbers to a format of the improper common fraction. For this purpose it is necessary to increase the whole part by a denominator of fraction and the received result to add to its numerator. It is necessary to leave a denominator received as a result of fraction without changes. For example, if it is necessary to multiply improper fractions 2 3/7, 4 2/3 and 5 1/4, then transformations will be such: 2 3/7 = (2*7+3)/7 = 17/74 2/3 = (4*3+2)/3 = 14/35 1/4 = (5*4+1)/4 = 21/4

2. Find numerator of the resulting fraction, having multiplied for this purpose numerators of all received improper fractions. For example, in the example used in the first step improper fractions 17/7, 14/3 and 21/4 were received. Means, the numerator has to be calculated so: 17*14*21=4998.

3. Multiply denominators of improper fractions to learn a denominator of the resulting fraction. For example, in the example used above the denominator should be calculated so: 7*3*4=84.

4. Bring the improper fraction received as a result of calculations into a format of the mixed fraction. For this purpose at first it is necessary to allocate an integer, having divided without the rest numerator into a denominator. In the example given above the improper fraction 4998/84 was received. Number 59 as 4998 divided on 84 gives 59 whole and 42 in the rest will be the whole part. The rest should be written down in numerator of the resulting mixed fraction, and to leave a denominator without changes: 59 42/84.

5. Reduce numerator and a denominator of a fractional part of the received mixed fraction if they have a common divisor. For example, in calculated higher than a fraction 59 42/84 numerator and a denominator have the greatest common divisor equal 42 - having divided them into this number we will receive final option of result of multiplication of three mixed numbers: 2 3/7 * 4 2/3 * 5 1/4 = 59 1/2.

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