How to learn what hemisphere dominates

How to learn what hemisphere dominates

The human brain has two hemispheres - right and left. At different times and in different situations one can be active or another. In general, the left hemisphere is responsible for logic and the analysis, right - for an intuition and emotions.


1. The left hemisphere is responsible for logic, the analysis, the speech, abilities to reading and the letter. It is active when the person remembers the facts, dates, names and their writing, distinguishes numbers and mathematical symbols. The left hemisphere is connected with rational thinking when everything is taken literally. It processes information consistently, step by step.

2. The right hemisphere does possible processing of information expressed in images and symbols. It is responsible for spatial orientation, i.e. helps to be guided by areas, to distinguish faces. The ability of emotional perception of music and painting, musical and also art abilities are a prerogative of the right hemisphere. It gives the chance to understand metaphors, to dream and dream, to compose stories, to generate the ideas. The right hemisphere, besides, is responsible for emotions, sexual sensual pleasure, mysticism and religiousness. It is capable to process at the same time various information, to perceive a problem or a situation completely.

3. To define what hemisphere at the person dominates, different tests are used. For example, to the person suggest to weave fingers of hands into "lock" - if above there was a finger of the right hand, then the left hemisphere and vice versa predominates. It is also possible to cross hands on a breast - if above there was the right hand (from a brush to an elbow), then it indicates domination of the left hemisphere. If when applauding the left hand is from above and claps on right, it speaks about domination of the right hemisphere. If you generally gesticulate the right hand, the left hemisphere at you is more active.

4. Look at any subject. In turn close one, other eye. Pay attention at what closing of an eye the image is more displaced aside if right - that left hemisphere is more active.

5. Also and on the Internet it is possible to find tests for definition of the dominating hemisphere where it is necessary to answer questions in psychological literature, choosing one of the submitted possible answers.

6. If some tests show prevalence at you left a hemisphere, and others right, it is normal. It means that in different situations at you can be more active as one, and another. There are also people at whom both hemispheres are developed harmoniously and active approximately equally. There are even special exercises for development of any given hemisphere or their harmonization.

7. With high probability it is possible to tell that at the artist, the musician, the poet the right hemisphere is strongly developed, and at the mathematician - left. At the same time at the creative person or the inventor who not only generates the ideas, but also consistently realizes them, both hemispheres can be equally strong.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team