How to make a banana pudding with caramel sauce

How to make a banana pudding with caramel sauce

From bananas it is possible to prepare a set of various desserts. They are combined not only with ice cream and chocolate, but also with caramel. Try to prepare a banana pudding with caramel sauce - this unusual dessert turns out very tasty and nourishing.

It is required to you

  • For cakes:
    • 200 g of dates;
    • 2 bananas;
    • 1 tsps of soda;
    • 100 g of oil;
    • 150 g of flour;
    • 50 g of sugar;
    • 2 eggs;
    • 1/2 tsps of cinnamon;
    • 30 g of chocolate.
    • For sauce:
    • 100 g of sugar;
    • 100 g of a desi;
    • 1 cups of cream.


1. From dates take out stones and boil fruits in water within 5 minutes. Dried dates should be wetted previously for a couple of hours. Dry ready fruit and put in the food processor. Crush them to a condition of puree, then add a half of bananas to weight and turn on the combine once again. Fruit have to turn into a uniform mix.

2. Leave a desi for an hour at the room temperature that it was softened. Then put it in a bowl, fill up with sugar or icing sugar and shake up the mixer to a uniform state. There break eggs, pour a ground cinnamon. If desired it can be replaced with vanillin. Grate bitter chocolate and put to other ingredients. Add soda, extinguished vinegar. Mix everything and rub date and banana weight into semi-ready dough. Complete process by flour addition. Pour it gradually, carefully mixing that lumps weren't formed.

3. Pick up suitable baking cups. It is the most convenient to use silicone - easier to take a ready pudding from them. Grease them with a desi. Put in each form the turned-out dough so that 1/3 heights of capacity I remained empty. From above add 2-3 slices from the remained bananas. Put molds on a baking tray or on a lattice in the oven warmed up to 180 wasps. Bake cakes of 15-20 minutes. Their readiness can be defined by a toothpick. Accurately pierce dough. If the wooden stick remains dry, puddings are ready.

4. Be engaged in caramel sauce. Heat cream on a plate, but you don't bring to the boil. Dissolve in them sugar. Then there add oil. You cook mix, stirring slowly, before its solidification. Serve ready cakes hot and accompanied by a sweet sauce. The English tea with a bergamot will be the best addition to this dish.

5. If desired sauce can be made other. Mix the boiling water with sugar in the ratio 1:2. You cook sauce until it gains golden-brown color. Water with it cakes when giving. Remember that unlike the first recipe this sauce very quickly stiffens.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team