How to make a licorice

How to make a licorice

The licorice is widely known among supporters of traditional medicine as remedy for catarrhal diseases. Among all its types for treatment of respiratory diseases use a licorice naked. It has protivokashlevy effect and dilutes a phlegm. It can be bought already in the form of medicine (licorice syrup) or in the dry crushed look (licorice root). In the second case it needs to be made by certain rules. Otherwise the effect of treatment won't be.

It is required to you

  • - a licorice root - 30 g;
  • - 700 ml of water;
  • - thermos;
  • - 30 g of a dogrose;
  • - 30 g of a red rowan;
  • - 10 g of a root of a celandine;
  • - 10 g of a radio-gramophone pink.


1. Take one and a half tablespoons of the crushed licorice root. Fill it in the enameled pan and fill in 200 ml of hot boiled water. Then put ware on a water bath and heat within 15 minutes. At the same time don't forget to stir slowly periodically.

2. After time remove a pan from a water bath. It is necessary to cool broth at the room temperature within 40-45 minutes.

3. As soon as broth of a licorice cools down, filter it through a sieve or a gauze. Then bring its volume to 200 ml, having added in it boiled water.

4. The root of a licorice can be made easier way. In a small thermos fill the same quantity of the crushed root of a licorice and fill in 200 ml of the boiling water. Then close it and allow to infuse within 20-30 minutes, periodically stirring slowly.

5. As soon as the root is ready, it is necessary to filter broth. Then to fill in it again in a thermos. And to drink 1/3 parts of a glass 3 times a day in 30 minutes prior to food. Advantage of a thermos is that it keeps infusion warm and it doesn't need to be warmed up before reception again. Only it is necessary to pour necessary amount of medicine in a glass and to allow to cool down. Besides, during a zavarivaniye in a thermos liquid doesn't evaporate and remains more useful substances.

6. Also, the licorice can be made together with other herbs as supportive application at various diseases. For example, mix 20 g of a licorice, 30 g of a red rowan, 30 g of a dogrose, 10 g of roots of a celandine and 10 g of a radio-gramophone pink. Make 2 tablespoons of the received mix of 500 ml of boiled water and insist 3 hours. Drink on a third of a glass 3 times a day with addition of a teaspoon of honey. Course of treatment 3-4 weeks. This fine means for strengthening of immunity.

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