How to make a purified oil

How to make a purified oil

Refining is, in fact, a purification of oil of hazardous substances which, collecting in an organism, can cause various illnesses. Therefore it is important to refine vegetable oils for rescue from some diseases. During refining, oil loses an original smell and a part of useful substances, but this loss is insignificant, and on nutrition value refined and unrefined oil are approximately identical.


1. Refining oil is made in several stages. First of all there is a hydration: from oil eliminate mucous and proteinaceous substances which spoil its taste. Then, at a neutralization stage, oil loses heavy metals and pesticides. Later there is a bleaching: oil is long filtered, cleaning from ballast substances: phosphatides, wax and the painting components of carotinoids.

2. If after cleaning oil undergoes also odor removal and also a vymorazhivaniye of the remains of a plant wax, then it becomes transparent and completely loses the initial taste and smell. Not deodorized purified oil is more fragrant.

3. Refined oils of different grades to taste and color are very similar therefore the purified oil is often forged: sunflower, corn or olive oil can be diluted cheaper and less useful rape, soy or cotton. All these oils easily mix up. It is possible to define falsification only in special laboratory. Therefore it is better to buy a purified oil from the famous, long ago proved producers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team