How to make batter

How to make batter

There are many ways how to make batter for different types of dishes. Batter call quite mobile dough made on the basis of eggs in combination with flour and liquid.

Batter generally for frying of various products in hot fan is used, at the same time the juiciness and gentle structure of the prepared product remains. A favourite dish of many fans of tasty food – the juicy chops in batter prepared from pork or chicken meat. fish in the test, any mushrooms and seafood is very tasty. The fruit and vegetables made in batter not only a tasty, but also useful dish. It is better to boil thoroughly firm vegetables before frying slightly.

Now we will turn directly to a question how to make batter for frying of products in hot fan. Here some main recipes for batter.

Classical recipe of batter: Necessary ingredients: crude proteins in number of 4 pieces, 1/2 glasses of wheat flour, vegetable oil – a half of a tablespoon, warm water – half a glass.·   beat egg whites to a condition of strong foam.·   mix warm water with vegetable oil •   Add gradually the received liquid to flour, stirring a nimbus.·   at the end accurately rub protein whips into dough, salt to taste.·   the made batter better to put in the container with cool water. It is possible to try one more version of the recipe, having replaced usual water with cool mineral water. The recipe of batter in milk. Milk batter well will be suitable for frying of fruit. Necessary ingredients: eggs – 3 pieces, flour – half a glass, cooled milk – 6 tablespoons, раст. oil – 1 tea to add l., salt and sugar to taste.·   to separate egg whites, to shake up them in foam.·   to pour in cold milk in separate ware, to add yolks and vegetable oil, to pour flour, to salt. •   Mix weight to a uniform state.·   before frying to mix proteins with a weight. French beer batter. The recipe was thought up in France, it is desirable to use well cooled beer of a light grade, it doesn't give bitterness. Batter will be tasty and slightly crunchy. Necessary ingredients: cold light beer – 1 glass, 1 tablespoon раст. oils, eggs – 2 pieces, torments – 1 glass, salt, curry powder – on a knife tip (at will). Preparation: •   Shake up separately egg yolks and whites. •   Mix flour with yolks, to gradually add beer, then pour раст. oil.·   add whites in the received weight, to mix slightly.

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