How to make batter on milk, water, mineral water and kefir: 4 best recipes

How to make batter on milk, water, mineral water and kefir: 4 best recipes

Do you look for the instruction how to knead dough for pancakes? Retseptov exists a set, how many hostesses, it is so much also tasty variations. Some like openwork thin pancakes, to others - thick and fragrant. However four options of a batch are considered as universal - on milk, drinking and mineral water, kefir.

In old times pancakes baked, generally only for Maslenitsa. Round, nourishing, fat from home-made butter - they symbolized the yellow sun during the holiday. Often added buckwheat or rye flour, bonnyclabber from the cow to dough, even sour sour cream. Such meal was served on a table with a pickles, mushrooms, a river fish and sweet stuffings.

Today thick pancakes of the hostess bake seldom. Give all openwork, translucent, with perforated structure. Knowing how to get dough for pancakes, it isn't difficult to bake such at all.

On milk

It is the most popular recipe among culinary specialists how to make batter. Both cow's milk, and purchased, any degree of fat content is suitable for mixing. Previously hostesses recommend to warm up it approximately to the room temperature that the texture of the test turned out more air.

What to be necessary:

  • milk - 1 l;
  • eggs - six;
  • flour - two glasses;
  • vegetable oil - 4 tablespoons;
  • salt - a pinch;
  • sugar - two-three spoons (depends on the expected sweet).

How to mix:

  • Break eggs, mix a nimbus with salt and sugar. 
  • Pour in milk when stirring.
  • Sift wheat flour, pour into mix in the small portions, mix on small turns the mixer. Thin pancakes will turn out in case the consistence of the test reminds not too dense sour cream.
  • Add vegetable oil, once again mix.

Council: It is better to take oil for the recipe refined, flavourless, it doesn't change taste of ready pancakes.

On kefir

This option how to do batter, will be pleasant to the economical hostesses deliberating where to put sour milk. To bake pancakes on kefir, ""with an experience"" it isn't necessary to be the culinary specialist - the recipe is available even to inexperienced teenagers.

What to be necessary:

  • kefir (it is better to take 3%) - 1 l;
  • flour - two thick glass tumblers;
  • sugar - 3-4 teaspoons (depends on the chosen stuffing);
  • soda - a dessertspoon;
  • eggs - four;
  • salt - on a knife tip;
  • vegetable oil - six tablespoons.

How to mix:

  • Accurately shake up eggs the mixer, connect them then to kefir.
  • Stir carefully sugar and salt that there is no grain left.
  • Sift flour, enter in the dosed portions, it will save you from possible formation of lumps.
  • In a spoon of boiled water dissolve soda, at once implicate in dough.
  • Add a purified oil, mix the mixer.

Council: Not to splash in preparation time with the test a kitchen table, clothes and walls, mix ingredients in a deep bowl or a pan.

On sparkling mineral water

The recipe of these pancakes includes a desi. It is necessary that dough, smetanoobrazny on consistence, didn't stick in a frying pan during baking.

What to be necessary:

  • mineral water (highly carbonated) - 1 l;
  • eggs - six;
  • flour - 500 g;
  • desi - 100 g;
  • vegetable oil - six tablespoons;
  • salt - щепоть;
  • sugar - couple of tablespoons (is possible more).

How to mix:

  • Shake up eggs to foam, dissolve sugar and salt.
  • Pour in 100 ml of sparkling water.
  • Without ceasing to stir slowly, a stream pour flour.
  • Too pour in the kindled desi in dough, there send the mineral water remains.
  • Shaking up, add vegetable oil, leave for 5 minutes to rasstaivatsya.

Council: That dough on the aerated mineral water didn't stick to cast iron, the frying pan before baking of pancakes should be calcinated very well on fire.

On water

Such dough for pancakes less high-calorie, than on milk or curdled milk. Openwork pancakes very quickly are baked, perfectly combined with fruit and berry jams, cottage cheese, honey.

What to be necessary:

  • the pure filtered water - 1 l;
  • flour - 600 g;
  • vegetable oil - 70 ml;
  • eggs - four;
  • sugar - two-three tablespoons (to the taste);
  • salt - щепоть.

How to mix:

  • Shake up eggs before emergence of foam.
  • Pour salt, sugar, dissolve when stirring.
  • Pour in water of room temperature.
  • Gradually pour flour.
  • Pour in necessary amount of vegetable oil, mix everything. Dietary dough for pancakes to be cooked only 5 minutes.

Council: Sometimes dough ""is pasted"" to a ladle. That it didn't occur, every time dip it into cold water in the beginning.

How to bake pancakes in a frying pan

Having understood how to make batter, it was necessary to understand how to bake them. Process in the presence of a pig-iron frying pan absolutely simple.

  • Properly calcinate a thick-walled frying pan on fire.
  • Oil its bottom, there is enough only couple of drops.
  • Lower fire.
  • Gather in a serving spoon on 2/3 tests, pour out in a frying pan, distribute a thin layer on a surface.
  • Bake thoroughly about a minute, sometimes - it is slightly less.
  • Turn pancake a scapula on other party, bake to a zarumyanivaniye.
  • Shift to a flat plate, repeat.

Serve thin golden pancakes with jam, cottage cheese, butter, caviar, meat or fish stuffing, with sour cream and honey.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team