How to make beef under a mushroom sauce

How to make beef under a mushroom sauce

Meat is perfectly combined with mushrooms and they, in turn, can give to beef, mutton or pork brighter, saturated taste. These products can be extinguished together as a part of ragout or to mix in sauce.

It is required to you

  • 600 g of beef fillet;
    • 30 g of dry mushrooms or 120 g fresh;
    • 1 stalk of a celery;
    • 2 bulbs;
    • beef stone with meat;
    • 1/2 cups of white wine;
    • 1 average carrots;
    • vegetable oil;
    • bay leaf;
    • salt and pepper.


1. Cook meat soup. For this purpose take a beef stone with a small amount of meat and put it in a pan with cold water. Clean a bulb, cut it in half and add there. Put several peas of a black pepper and bay leaf in a pan. You cook broth not less than two hours, periodically scumming. Salt water in the middle of cooking. Filter ready broth that it became transparent.

2. Prepare mushrooms. Dried wet in water not less, than for half an hour. Fresh carefully wash out in several waters to remove sand and the earth if mushrooms were picked in the forest. Remove the spoiled places. It is possible to leave small mushrooms intact, and large it is necessary to cut.

3. Slice fillet of beef not more thickly than 3 cm. Slightly beat off, salt and pepper on both sides. In a frying pan heat vegetable oil. Put meat there and fry 4 minutes from each party. Then fill in meat with wine and evaporate it 5-7 more minutes. After that pour in 1/2 cups of beef cook water there. Cover and extinguish on slow fire.

4. Cut carrots straws, and stalks of a celery and onions - small cubes. Together fry everything not less than 5 minutes. Pour mushrooms to vegetables and prepare 2-3 more minutes, having reduced fire. Mix put a vegetable mix to beef - by this moment it has to be extinguished not less than an hour. If all liquid was evaporated, add a little more broth. Salt and pepper to taste. Cook together meat, vegetables and mushrooms not less than an hour. For density it is possible to pour a little flour in 5-10 minutes prior to the end of preparation into sauce. When giving on a table meat can be cut smaller pieces.

5. To beef under a mushroom sauce give a garnish from boiled rice with a small amount of a saffron and desi. Red wine with saturated taste, for example, red Spanish Rioja will be suitable drink.

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