How to make buckwheat on milk

How to make buckwheat on milk

Buckwheat – the useful grain known for all since childhood. Parents often cook buckwheat on milk for the children as they know about all useful and nutritive properties of this dish. It would seem that can be simpler than the buckwheat cooked on milk? Besides such great breakfast will load with energy for all day.

It is required to you

  • - buckwheat 1 glass
  • - 3 or 4 glasses of milk
  • - several tablespoons of sugar
  • - desi
  • - salt
  • - vanillin


1. It is the best of all to cook buckwheat cereal in capacity with thick walls or in a cauldron. Choosing the enameled ware, it is necessary to be ready to what, most likely, porridge will burn.

2. First of all it is necessary to touch and wash out grain. Begin to cook it only after water became completely transparent. Further it is necessary to pour milk in a pan and to put it on a plate. When milk begins to boil, it is necessary to add very few salt, sugar and vanillin.

3. After that it is possible to fill up buckwheat and again to wait for the moment when milk begins to boil. The tablespoon of a desi will impact relish and aroma to buckwheat cereal, but at the same time and will increase the number of calories. Now fire on a plate has to be minimum, and the pan is completely closed by a cover.

4. To stir slowly important regularly porridge, otherwise on it the unattractive dairy film is formed. This tasty dish about half an hour cooks. That porridge reached, it is necessary to leave it for 10 minutes from covered and to wrap up with a towel.

5. The dish turns out very tasty and fragrant if to prepare it in an oven in portion small pots. Some add a condensed milk and even honey which impacts to a dish a delicate honey flavor to buckwheat cereal.

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