How to make cake in the form of the football field

How to make cake in the form of the football field

For birthday the teenage boy can bake cake on which surface the football field was located. There will be everything that is necessary – a lawn from cream, a ball from sweet mastic. You will make gate with a grid of white chocolate on a template.

Oil biscuit

Most of all time during creation of cake in the form of the football field occupies registration. But it is creative process, it helps to feel true artists and sculptors. It is interesting to do dough, bake cake layers too. You also begin creation of a confectionery masterpiece with it.

Best of all the oil biscuit, here will be suitable for a basis that it is necessary for you for it:

- 9 eggs; - 3 glasses of flour; - 2 glasses of sugar; - vanillin package; - 2 tsps of baking powder; - 1 glass of sour cream; - 200 g of a desi.

For cream: - 1.5 banks of a condensed milk; - 600 g of oil; - green food color. For gate: - 200 g of white chocolate. Oil and eggs need to be taken out from the fridge in advance and to take in kitchen of minutes 40. After that it is possible to begin to do dough for cake. Pour sugar into oil, put sour cream, shake up 3 minutes. Hammer eggs into separate ware, mix them a nimbus. Add some egg to oil and sour cream mix on one tablespoon. When mass becomes homogeneous, put still a spoon of egg mix. Thus mix oil with all egg mixture. Pour vanillin, baking powder into flour, sift all this over a wide bowl with oil. Mix dough to uniform consistence. Oil a rectangular shape, pour in dough, put in the oven warmed up to 185 wasps for 30 minutes. When the surface becomes golden, thrust in the middle of a cake layer to a zubochist. Take out it if it remained dry, take out a cake layer if isn't present, let's it be worn out and check readiness in 5 minutes. Deliver a biscuit, cut it on 3 parts, cool, prepare during this time cream. Shake up the softened oil, gradually adding to it condensed milk in the small portions.

Registration of cake

At will, impregnate cake layers with sweet water and begin to collect and make out cake in the form of the football field. Grease the first cake layer with cream, put on it the second, then again cream and the third cake layer. Lay out a part of cream in the confectionery syringe, Cover with it sides of cake and edge of top. Make a cross strip through which miss a circle – as on the real football field. Add several drops of food color of green color to cream, mix, cover with it the remained sites of the field. It is better to make gate in advance. Draw on the sheet of paper 4 details for gate – a back side in the form of a wide rectangle, top – in the form of narrow. Two sidewalls are identical, executed in the form of a rectangle too, but its top corner is slanted, it is semicircular. Place a cliche in the transparent file. Grease its surface (file) with vegetable oil. Kindle white chocolate on a water bath, put it in the confectionery syringe with the narrow end, border details of gate and cover them with a pattern "network". Let's chocolate stiffen in the fridge 3 hours. Get, connect details the kindled chocolate, put gate into place. From the same white chocolate or mastic you stick together a ball, designate on it several dark stains made of dark chocolate. Remove cake in the fridge for 3-4 hours then it can be given.

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