How to make cheese flat cakes: recipe

How to make cheese flat cakes: recipe

Cheese flat cakes are not only fine replacement to bread, but also tasty addition to soup, a main course and even tea. Many hostesses wrap meat or vegetables in cheese flat cakes, doing just matchless sandwiches.

It is required to you

  • - 2 glasses of wheat flour;
  • - 2 tablespoons of the desi (kindled);
  • - 100 ml of fresh cow's milk;
  • - 100 g of cheese (the quantity of a product can be varied in the greater and lower side);
  • - salt pinch.


1. To make tasty and fragrant cheese flat cakes, sift flour in a convenient plate, add to it salt.

2. To a dry component pour in a desi, stir everything.

3. Without hurrying, a thin stream pour in milk in a plate.

4. Add the cheese grated on the small shredder to weight.

5. Mix all ingredients before formation of homogeneous elastic mass. It is important that you didn't have not promeshanny lumps of flour.

6. Lay out ready dough for cheese flat cakes on a table (powder a surface with flour), having armed with a rolling pin, roll preparation. Try that the turned-out "pancake" wasn't thicker than 1 cm.

7. Now cut out cheese flat cakes from the general layer. For this purpose arm or special molds, or use make-shifts: glass, saucer, etc.

8. Cheese flat cakes can be baked in two ways: in an oven and in a frying pan. If you cook flat cakes in an oven, then warm it to 220 °C, on the baking tray oiled, lay out dough. Preparation time of a dish – 15 minutes, but it is recommended to be guided by appearance. If cheese flat cakes got a beautiful golden shade, then you can pull out them.

9. If you fry cheese flat cakes in a frying pan, then before the beginning properly calcinate ware, and then spread preparations from the test. Fry "pancakes" from two parties before formation of a ruddy crust.

10. It is recommended to serve cheese flat cakes on a table, having powdered with greens.

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