How to make cheese salad

How to make cheese salad

Cheese salad – a simple and tasty dish. It will be appropriate both when giving on a holiday table, and in a daily diet. There is a set of various recipes for this dish.

It is required to you

  • cheese;
    • apple;
    • celery root;
    • mayonnaise;
    • eggs;
    • garlic;
    • green onions;
    • black pepper;
    • salt;
    • carrots;
    • radish;
    • vegetable oil;
    • caraway seeds;
    • olives (without stones);
    • rice;
    • sour cream;


1. For you 300-400 grams of cheese of firm grades, 2-3 green apples, 200 grams of a celery (root), 100 grams of mayonnaise will be necessary for preparation of cheese salad with apples. Cut cheese in small cubes or grate. Wash apples, cut out a core and peel. Also grate them or cut into cubes. Boil a root of a celery on slow fire within 10-15 minutes. Cut it in cubes. Carefully mix all ingredients and dress with mayonnaise. Before giving to a table lay out salad in deep ware, decorate with fresh greens (parsley, fennel or cilantro).

2. For preparation of cheese Juicy salad you will need eggs (3 pieces), a hard cheese (200 grams), garlic (2 cloves), mayonnaise (2-3 tablespoons), green onions, a black pepper (ground), salt. Cut cheese in small cubes or crush by means of the blender. Hard-boil eggs, clean. Cut them large cubes. Grate garlic on a small grater. Chop fresh onions. Mix all ingredients, season with spices and mayonnaise. Lay a ready-to-eat meal in a salad bowl, decorate with segments of eggs.

3. To make cheese radish and carrots salad, you need carrots (1 piece), radish (1 piece), cheese (200 grams), vegetable oil, green onions, spices (caraway seeds), salt. Grate vegetables. Cut cheese in small cubes. Carefully mix all ingredients and fill with vegetable oil (sunflower or olive). Add spices and salt to taste. Crush onions and decorate with it a ready-to-eat meal.

4. For preparation of cheese salad with olives you will need a hard cheese (100 grams), olives without stones (10-15 pieces), onions (1 piece), green apple (1 piece), rice (0.5 glasses), sour cream (2-3 tablespoons), salt. Boil rice and cool. Grate cheese. Wash apple, cut out a core and peel. Cut it in small cubes. Peel onions and chop. Cut olives on 4 parts. Mix all ingredients and add sour cream. Season with salt to taste. Serve a ready-to-eat meal in deep ware, having decorated with greens and olives.

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