How to make classical mulled wine

How to make classical mulled wine

Mulled wine - alcoholic drink which is capable to warm in cold weather and even to cure of cold. There is a huge number of ways of preparation of this hot cocktail, but the classical recipe enjoys the greatest popularity.

How to make classical mulled wine

Mulled wine is known to mankind for a long time. In the 13th century the people thought up to warm up wine with spices and to use drink as cold medicine. In the beginning the recipe for mulled wine didn't differ in special complexity, but drink with addition of a citrus, fruit juices and other components began to be popular a bit later.

In spite of the fact that the taste of mulled wine with addition of fruit is pleasant to very much, the classical recipe for a hot beverage doesn't lose the relevance. It is quite simple, and the products which are its part are public.

To make mulled wine according to the classical recipe, it is necessary to prepare a bottle of a red table wine, a sugar tablespoon, six buds of a carnation, a cinnamon stick, nutmeg, the third part of a glass of water in advance. Water should be boiled in the Turk or a pan, previously having added to it spices and sugar. Mix has to infuse within 10-15 minutes. Wine needs to be heated to temperature of 70 degrees Celsius then to mix it with water and spices. Heating to more high temperature isn't allowed as it can lead to evaporation of alcohol and loss of taste of hot wine. It is necessary to remove drink from a plate when white foam from its surface is gone. Ready mulled wine can be poured on glasses, to decorate with segment of a lemon or a stick of cinnamon and immediately a tax on a table. Preference should be given to the special heat resisting glasses intended for this drink.

Secrets of preparation of mulled wine

In order that mulled wine turned out not only tasty, but also had attractive appearance, it is necessary to use not ground spices, but integral for its preparation. It is especially relevant for such component as cinnamon. Addition of ground spice does drink hazy. If desired it is possible to add honey, apples, oranges, lemon zest to mulled wine. At the same time it is very important not to go too far in their quantity. Otherwise, the taste of drink will cardinally change and awaking to remind compote. In order that mulled wine turned out really tasty, it is necessary to use wine with a strength of 7-10% for its preparation. Table wines are ideal for these purposes. To impact to drink a peculiar relish and aroma, it is possible to add to it several leaflets of mint or a melissa. These fragrant herbs not only will present to mulled wine a fresh flavoring shade, but also will remind of summer and sunny days.

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