How to make condensed milk in house conditions

How to make condensed milk in house conditions

Now it is possible to find several grades of a condensed milk in any grocery store. It would seem, at such abundance there is no need to do his houses. Actually such need is. Doing condensed milk for itself, you can put there only what has to be in this product: milk and sugar. Besides, having bought milk from the familiar milkwoman, you can be firmly sure of its quality, and respectively, and as condensed milk.

It is required to you

  • Milk of 0.5 l
    • Sugar of 250 g
    • Small pan
    • Spoon or wooden scapula
    • Nimbus


1. Pour out milk in purely washed up pan. Accurately fill sugar there. Do it in the small portions. Carefully stir sugar a nimbus before its full dissolution. Try not to shake up milk at the same time.

2. Put a pan on slow fire. During cooking constantly mix mix that it wasn't formed lumps and that condensed milk didn't burn. How much time you need to cook — it becomes clear by practical consideration, a lot of things depend on quality of milk and on a ring. But wait until mix becomes dense

3. Remove condensed milk from fire and cool. It is possible to make it both at the room temperature, and in the fridge. Home-made condensed milk can be used, for example, for cream preparation. You will need equal parts of condensed milk and oil. They should be mixed carefully before receiving homogeneous mass. It is possible to add several drops of lemon juice.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team